Deep Digital China:A Trusted Partner for Success in China's Study Abroad Industry


Deep Digital China is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in providing end-to-end solutions for businesses in China. With years of experience serving clients across various industries, it has developed a particularly strong expertise in the study abroad sector. It partners with universities, boarding schools, and student accommodations to help prospective students from China discover opportunities to achieve their dream of studying overseas.

According to China's Ministry of Education, over 830,000 Chinese students pursued studies abroad in 2022. This number is expected to continue rising, creating huge potential for universities, boarding schools, and student accommodations. However, the competition to attract Chinese students is also intense. Deep Digital China is the ideal partner for institutions looking to differentiate themselves, build brand loyalty, and boost applications from China.


Deep Digital China leverages powerful data analytics tools and insights to develop targeted digital marketing strategies for its clients. Services span multiple areas:

•Search Engine Optimization: optimizes partner websites and program pages to rank higher in searches by Chinese students on engines like Baidu. This drives more traffic and applications.

•Content Marketing: produces engaging content like blog posts, videos, and social media graphics to educate students about partners' programs and strengths. Content is distributed across channels popular with Chinese youth.

•Social Media Marketing: builds and manages active social media profiles for partners on influential Chinese platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Bilibili. Partners gain access to Deep Digital China's network of student influencers and brand ambassadors to amplify reach.

•Digital Advertising: purchases targeted ads across search engines, social media, and other channels to increase partners' visibility and direct prospective students to their Chinese recruitment website. Ads are optimized based on goals like brand building or application deadlines.

•Mobile Solutions: develops intuitive Chinese mobile websites and WeChat mini-programs for partners to engage students on the go. These mobile solutions streamline the application process using a medium that students frequently access.

•Market Research: Deep Digital China conducts in-depth research into the latest trends in China's study abroad market. Partners receive reports analyzing characteristics of potential applicant pools and strategies peer institutions use to successfully recruit students from key Chinese regions.

•Recruitment Counseling: provides personalized support to help partners understand obstacles and opportunities for student recruitment in China. Partners have access to education experts and counselors for guidance tailored to their institution's goals.

In the study abroad industry, it helps clients optimize their website and content for search engines like Baidu, ensuring high rankings in relevant searches by Chinese students about study abroad options. Deep Digital China also builds and maintains active social media profiles for clients on channels popular with Chinese youths like WeChat and Weibo, spreading brand awareness and engagement.


Campaigns are tailored to specific goals, whether boosting brand visibility, driving traffic to program listings, or encouraging applications. For example, to increase awareness of its partner boarding school in the US among students in Beijing and Shanghai, Deep Digital China executed a multi-faceted campaign across channels popular with teens like WeChat, Weibo, and Bilibili. Combining student influencers, engaging social content, and strategic ad placements, the school saw applications from target regions rise 35% within a year of campaign launch.

International universities also frequently engage Deep Digital China to strengthen their positioning in China. Deep Digital China maximizes universities' Chinese web and social presences to highlight key strengths like rankings, faculty expertise, scholarships, and career support. Call-to-action campaigns before application deadlines have been instrumental in converting prospective students into applicants, leading several partners to report double-digit growth in applications within the first year of collaboration.


With unparalleled industry experience, Deep Digital China serves as a compass to help clients navigate China's study abroad market. Its wealth of data provides actionable insights into the characteristics and motivations of Chinese students in specific regions and age groups. Partners have access to Chinese counselors and education experts for added guidance.


With a mission to connect Chinese students seeking a world-class education overseas, Deep Digital China is the ideal digital marketing partner for any institution dedicated to welcoming students from China. Its in-depth knowledge of trends within China's education market and expertise engaging Chinese Gen-Z and millennial audiences fuel innovative campaigns that deliver outcomes. For organizations seeking sustainable growth in applications and enrollments from China, Deep Digital China should be at the top of their list.

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