What is the significance of the concept of "decentralization" in blockchain? Origin of META DT



Cooperation and consensus are the most important components of human civilization and the fundamental reason why human beings can dominate the earth above all things. As a highly intelligent and complex group, lack of trust will lead to poor cooperation, and lack of transparency will lead to failure to reach consensus. With the intensification of globalization, the development bottleneck of human civilization has become more and more obvious.


It has to be admitted that the centralized society has greatly promoted the rapid development of human civilization for thousands of years. However, with the continuous growth of the global population, the continuous improvement of material needs, the increasing scarcity of the earth's resources, the survival crisis of the natural environment, and the increasingly intensified class contradictions caused by the gap between the rich and the poor, all continue to limit the total productivity of human groups. , which directly affects the further development of civilization, allowing people to constantly conduct rational reflections on the world composed of multiple centralized organizations.


The emergence of the blockchain allows people to see the direction of solving the problem. The consensus system generates passive trust through technical means, forming an untamperable trust mechanism, so as to achieve the highest level of trust so far - no trust.

However, the application of blockchain technology still has a long way to go, and more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the application value of blockchain. For the entire industry, the attempt to convert the form of decentralized autonomous organizations into a truly universal form of organization has never stopped.


Finding the practical application value of blockchain and the concept of decentralized autonomy has always been the goal of the META DT geek team. That's why the META DT system was designed and developed.

META DT is not only a comprehensive blockchain practice that integrates interpersonal social, business and finance, but its underlying architecture is a completely distributed anonymous server network, which will enable META DT to gradually form a brand-new anonymous Internet ecology.

The META DT geek team hopes to make people aware of the long-term significance of decentralized consensus, to appreciate the preciousness of privacy and freedom, to promote the progress of human civilization by connecting the power of life, and to face the unknown future and oneself with sincerity and love.

Everyone in this better world will embrace true freedom!

META DT, will come out in 2022, so stay tuned!

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