Township Sewage Treatment Integrated Wastewater Treatment System Aesthetic Tank Series


The integrated wastewater treatment equipment is suitable for the treatment and reuse of domestic sewage and similar small and medium scale industrial organic wastewater from slaughtering, aquatic products processing, food, etc. in residential communities, villages, towns, office buildingsshopping malls, hotels, restaurants, sanatoriums, institutions, schools, troops, hospitals, highways, railroads, factories, mines, tourist attractions, etc. The water quality of the treated wastewater reaches the national comprehensive sewage treatment discharge standard of Grade 1B.
Main components: 1. hydrolysis acidification tank; 2. contact oxidation tank; 3. impurity sedimentation tank; 4. disinfection treatment; 5. sludge aerobic digestion tank.

Background of equipment development
The equipment process is an integrated sewage treatment equipment independently developed by our company on the basis of MBBR process.
The characteristics of the equipment.
1、The anaerobic zone strengthens the biological phosphorus removal capacity of the system, and the parthenogenic zone carries out denitrification of total nitrogen.
2、MBBR zone integrated with the company's self-developed MS intelligent aeration system for scientific control of dissolved oxygen and filler fluidization in the aeration zone, greatly improving the effective utilization of oxygen.

1、Strong ability to resist shock load, and the average residence time of contact oxidation method is above 6 hours.
2、With the ability of denitrification and phosphorus removal, and can be adjusted by the structure of the equipment to achieve the ability to treat industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, municipal sewage.
3、The filler in the contact oxidation tank is mostly combined soft filler, light, high strength, stable physical and chemical properties, large specific surface area, strong biofilm adhesion capacity, high contact efficiency of sewage and biofilm.
4、The contact oxidation tank adopts aerator for blast aeration, so that the fiber bundle keeps drifting, aeration is uniform, microorganism growth is mature, and it has the characteristics of activated sludge method.
5、The effluent water quality is stable, and the sludge production is small and easy to handle.
6、The submersible pump can be set in the equipment to reduce the engineering investment.
7、The equipment can be set on the ground or buried underground. When buried underground, the upper cover can be used for greening, the plant area is less, and the ground structure is less.
8、It is easy to complete automatic control and simple management operation.
9、Equipment can be connected to the car to make mobile integrated sewage treatment equipment.

Trying to find a wastewater treatment system that lowers the cost meanwhile improves efficiency? A company in Chengdu, China may help you with this. Bishui Water now provides their clients with a sustainable, standardized, and stable product that lowers the cost through easier maintenance, longer service life, and less sludge output comparing to other regular wastewater treatment systems. 
Bishui Water, established in 2008 in Chengdu city in China, is a high-tech corporation that focuses on township wastewater treatment. Ever since founded, Bishui Water has always prioritized product R&D and technology innovation, and has obtained the certificate of Certificate of Conformity of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001), Environmental Management System Certificate (ISO14001), and Engineering Construction Organization Quality Management System Certificate (ISO9001:2015). The company has more than 14 years of water supply and drainage experience and has completed more than 500 projects all these years. 
The main product of the company -- Round Modularied Wastewater Treatment System -- is known for its low cost, high efficiency, and easy maintenance. In particular, it is not only corrosion resistant and cold tolerant, but also efficient under heavy workload. In addition, the life cycle of this system can be up to 50 years under proper maintenance, which helps to avoid fee occurred since replacing disabled old products are rarely needed. Last but not least, because of the small size of the product, it can be easily transported and be fitted into small water treatment plants. The company, working with well-known artists and designers, came up with a more aesthetic design for the system so that the product can have a less-industrial appearance -- landscape painting version, sunflower painting version, and customized ones. 
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