65W Type C Power Adapter


Power adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances. It is generally composed of shells, transformers, inductors, capacitors, control ICs, PCB boards and other components. Its working principle is to convert AC input to DC Output; According to the connection method, it can be divided into wall type and desktop type. Widely used in security cameras, set-top boxes, routers, light bars, massagers and other equipment.

1. What does the nominal voltage and current of the power adapter (hereinafter referred to as the power supply) mean? First of all, the nominal voltage of the general power supply refers to the voltage of the open-circuit output, that is, the voltage when there is no external load and no current output, so it can also be understood that this voltage is the upper limit of the output voltage of the power supply.
In the case of the use of active voltage regulator components inside the power supply, even if the mains voltage fluctuates, the output is a constant value. Like small transformers on the market, such as the power supply equipped with Walkman, if the mains voltage fluctuates, The output of the power supply will not fluctuate accordingly.
Generally speaking, the real no-load voltage of ordinary power adapters is not necessarily exactly the same as the nominal voltage. Because the characteristics of electronic components cannot be completely consistent, there is a certain error. The smaller the error, the higher the consistency requirements for electronic components. , the production cost is high, so the price is also more expensive.
In addition, regarding the nominal current value, any power supply has a certain internal resistance, so when the power supply outputs current, a voltage drop will be generated internally, resulting in two things, one is to generate heat, so the power supply will be hot, the other One is to cause the output voltage to drop, which is equivalent to internal consumption.
2. All power supplies with the same nominal voltage have different output currents. Can they be used on the same laptop?
The power supply voltage is the same, the output current is different, can it be used on the same notebook. The basic principle is that a power supply with a large nominal current can replace a power supply with a small nominal current. It is estimated that some people will think this way, thinking that a power supply with a large nominal current will burn out the notebook because the current is too large. How much current actually depends on the load for the same voltage. When the books are running at high load, the current is larger, and when the books are in standby, the current is smaller, and the power supply with a large nominal current has sufficient current margin. On the other hand, there is no problem with using a 56w power supply instead of a 72w power supply. The reason is that the design of the power adapter usually leaves a certain margin, and the load power is smaller than the power supply power, so this kind of replacement is feasible in general use. But the remaining power margin is very small. Once your notebook is connected to a lot of peripherals, such as two usb hard drives, then the cpu runs at full speed, and there is a base with an optical drive on it to read the disk at full speed, plus at the same time Charging the battery can be dangerous. Therefore, it is best not to replace the high-current power supply with a low-current power supply.


Product performance:
Anti-interference magnetic ring
Absorb EMI Absorb magnetic ring static electricity
Pulse capability meets electromagnetic compatibility and electrostatic standards

●Four types of protection: OVP, OAP, OTP, SCP
●All key components are produced by ourselves, including Transformers, DC cables, AC cables, filters, heat sinks, labels, etc.
●Adopt the latest IC.
●Reject recycled or used components. All materials are new 
●Accept OEM/ODM.
●CE/RoHS/CCC certification

strict inspection
We test all adapters at least 8 times before delivery
●IQC inspection: All materials are sampled and inspected before being put into storage;
●PCBA appearance inspection: PCBA (main board) 100% inspection;
●ICT inspection: 100% inspection of PCBA (main board) with ICT machine;
●Output detection: 100% detection of output voltage and current through the load

Testing Machine;
●Aging test: The aging tester is fully loaded with 100% test;ATE detection: ATE machine 100% test adapter function;
●Vibration test: anti-vibration sampling test;
●0QC inspection: 100% inspection of product appearance and packaging.

Anthy Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2014.lt produces ACpower adapters from 20W to 360W mainly. During past 8 years, ithas been developed from a individual workshop with only 15 workers to a large modern enterprise. Now it has 500 workers and26000mt plant. In the company, it has Mold Division, Sheet MetalDivision, injection Plastic Division, Wire Division,TransformerDivision,Packaging Materials Division, Production Division, etc.

company culture
1. Corporate Vision:
Become a world-class enterprise producing power adapters
2. Corporate mission:
Balance the interests of shareholders and employees and undertake social responsibilities
3. Core Values:
Integrity, Learning, Innovation, Rigorous, Efficient

Our factory has:
Injection workshop
Packaging workshop
Drawing workshop
wire workshop
Mould workshop
Hardware workshop

The core components are produced by ourselves, which not only reduces the cost, but also greatly facilitates our quality control.

Our products are 45 watt series, 65 watt series, 90 watt series, 120 watt series, type C series, Apple charger, 180 watt series, ultra-thin power supply, 12V series, 24V series, 12V/1A wall plug power supply. Car chargers, Brazilian regulations, British regulations, GB, US regulations, US regulations, two plugs, European regulations, two plugs, wires and other different specifications and models, we can also customize the power supply from 20 to 360w according to customer needs, our sales The market is mainly in Europe, North America, Asia, South America and other regions.


Cai Xinping




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